About Us

The inspiration for bankruptcy-cpr.com came from our growing awareness of the need for an easier and less expensive way for people to file for personal bankruptcy. This need has intensified from a confluence of factors. The 2008 financial crisis and the tightened economic conditions that still prevail today means that many people have a real need for the chance to recover that Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 offers – but the last thing they needed to be doing with their money is paying high attorney's fees. The personal stories we've learned of gave a human face to this situation.

Personal Stories

Personal Story #1: Surrendered all of their property and discharged all of their debts with no tax liability and 0% paid on unsecured accounts -- but they were paying an attorney $4,200 for filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy on their behalf.

Personal Story #2: Paid an attorney $3,000 to save a car he had for 4 years with a balance of only $1650. Attorney fee was almost 2x the amount owed on the car which was the only debt to be repaid in bankruptcy! Does the fee justify the work involved?

There is a wide variation for the amount an attorney would charge for a bankruptcy but it is not uncommon for the attorney fee for a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 case to average between $200.00 to $300.00 per hour. What does this mean? There are attorneys who do not charge according to the actual time or difficulty involved in a case, which for an experienced attorney is usually relatively minor. Instead they charge as much as the "market will bear" -- meaning as much as they possibly can to remain competitive with other attorneys in their market who are likewise seeking to capitalize on the financial pressures so many Americans are experiencing.

Our Response

We assembled a team of legal, customer-service and programming experts to explore quicker, inexpensive, simplified and straightforward ways for anybody to file bankruptcy themselves. In the end, we developed bankruptcy-cpr.com, which provides everything you need to walk into a courthouse and file your bankruptcy in a simple, easy to use, one-stop format that's somewhat like the best and most user-friendly online income-tax preparation sites. As far as we know, there's nothing even close anywhere else out there.

Frankly, we're proud of what we've accomplished – that's why we challenge anyone to compare!

Instead of trying to figure out a maze of forms and requirements, you can get the process started right away while saving money -- and get on with a better chapter of your life that much sooner.